The beauty and variety of the British landscape and its wildlife is breathtaking. I have always had a love for nature and have been lucky to explore many places in the British Isles. Having lived in the West Country for most of my life I have a strong draw to islands and extremities.
I earn part of my living as a food photographer and content creator for the hospitality industry but I am equally happy on the moors or coast with my camera. The photography is both a driver to get out into the countryside and a pursuit in itself. I might make a trip with the sole intention of taking photographs or the images may be ancillary to a great walk.
I hope you enjoy browsing through this portfolio, that it transports you to different places and perhaps inspires your own adventures.
Follow Russell on Instagram @beguilingnature and @RussellBCaC

You can visit CREATIVE ABOUT CUISINE to find out more about Russell's food photography, writing and consultancy.

If you are interested in licensing any of my images much of my work is available via my ALAMY PORTFOLIO ​​​​​​​

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